Hebert Mota


     Hebert Mota was the agent of fighter Anderson Silva from 2009 to 2014 and in his portfolio he carries special and unusual stories: he produced with Kanye West, met Jay-Z to talk about a business deal, was twice on Michael Jordan's birthday and was invited to the inauguration of former US President Barack Obama. Among the Brazilian personalities with whom he was a business connector, there are names such as Mano Brown (rapper) , Alex Atala (Chef), Maria Rita (Singer), Daniel Zuckerman (Comedian), Olivier Anquier (Chef), NeymarJr (Soccer Player), Lázaro Ramos and Taís Araújo (Actors), Eduardo Sterblitch (Actor/Comedian) among others.


    "Movimento, logo Existo" (translated as "I Move, Therefore I Exist") is not just a biography. It's a story to inspire and motivate people who want to get out of where they are to get to a better place. When we talk about 41-year-old Hebert Mota, it is impossible not to mention the influential people around him, who confirm his reputation that, where the entrepreneur "gets his hand," the result is always fruitful. At the age of 12, Hebert helped his father to erect, with his own hands, the family house in Americanópolis, a neighborhood at south of São Paulo, where he was born and raised.

    Then he became an office boy and also a delivery boy. When he was only 16, he became a band roadie, carrying speakers and accompanying national and international tours around the world.

    Since then, he has never left the entertainment scene, as he tells in his inspiring career, having gone through the most diverse functions and thus built a broad view of show business.


     Hebert did not go to college, but thanks to his curiosity, talent, effort and sense of opportunity to step out of invisibility, he was gradually opening new paths that led him to become an internationally respected businessman.


     “I did a practical life management MBA,” he says. Since not only of joy, lives a person; in "Movimento, Logo Existo", the author also recounts his difficulties with life. But Hebert, more than a dreamer, is a transformer of realities. Because dreaming without performing is good for nothing. He went to get what he wanted, moving and generating business that would project him internationally, becoming a respected entrepreneur in the entertainment area and with a average revenue of 2.7 million reais per year.


His lessons in the shape of lectures motivate both young and seasoned executives in prominent positions. This is a book for  a Brazil of the new times, more diverse and eager for innovative movements. From people who connect people and projects, always willing to surprise, revealing their talent and competence with the utmost dignity and self-confidence. Hebert shows the way.

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